Terravendi LLC

Creating new business opportunities

Extensive experience in business development particularly with regard to introduction of emerging technologies. We can assist in clarifying your vision as well as explore the right business model for your business, craft long-term and short-term goals and set your revenue and expense model. Also help scope out your competition and brainstorm new products and services. Supported by a wide network of professionals, organizations and enterprises around the world.

Technology Specialties

• Electric Vehicle Powertrains
• Battery Systems and Charging Infrastructures
• High Performance Motors and Generators
• Mobile Power Electronics
• Precision Motion Control

Markets and Applications Experience

• Industrial and Commercial Vehicles
• Material Handling Vehicles
• Agricultural Machinery and Implements
• Robotics and Industrial Machinery
• Recreational Vehicles
• Entertainment and Amusement Park Rides

Extensive experience from assignments in USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia